The 2022 Bulletproof Business Challenge
Create & Launch Your Go-To-Market Plan For 2022 In 7 Days
Make Your Business, Offer, Marketing, & Strategies ‘Bulletproof’ - For Any Economy
Whether You’re Launching Your Dream Business Or Ready To Scale.
Build An Impact Driven Business That THRIVES – In Any Environment &
Reclaim Absolute Control Over Your Business, Finances, Destiny & Life in 2022
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Challenge Details, Dates & Curriculum Below!

The Challenge has started, but you can still register and get access to the recordings of the Pre-challenge trainings!

Challenge Details, Dates & Curriculum Below!
A leading expert on mindset & business strategy” -- Inc. 
Spend 7 Days Launching or Growing Your Business With The CEO Of The #1 Fastest Growing Coaching & Consulting Company In America 
2021 was a year that felt for many like chaos, challenge, and instability.
And with so many people losing their jobs and so many industries turned upside down, it’s easy for many people (maybe you) to feel like 2022 will bring with it even more uncertainty.
But the truth is that crisis creates tremendous opportunity, for each and every one of us... IF you're willing to find it.
Having coached thousands of entrepreneurs through this challenging time - and having achieved explosive growth over the last 9 months BECAUSE of the changes in the market - I can tell you that there’s never been a better time to start, grow or scale your dream business.

I Built My Dream Business From $0 to $200k In The Midst Of The Pandemic...

I was going around and around learning different strategies but nothing seemed to work until David helped me get clarity on how to put all the pieces together into a step-by-step-plan . . . and in less than 10 months I went from $0 to $200k in my business in the midst of the pandemic.”
- Ashley Mansour
Book Writing & Publishing Consultant
Why Bulletproof... And Why NOW?
Because the world isn't slowing down... and that’s a good thing.
Whether you’re looking to learn how to package your expertise into an impact-driven business…

Or you’ve been in business and want to learn the new growth and scale strategies of the virtual world…

The way to create stability, certainty, and predictability in your business, your cash flow, and your life isn’t to find some ‘magic pill strategy’... because the strategies that work are CONSTANTLY changing.

The key to creating unshakeable success is to build a business foundation that delivers consistent results REGARDLESS of what changes in the environment…

And to develop an invincible mindset so that you can become an unstoppable force of forward momentum regardless of the challenges.

In order to launch or take your business to the next level, to create rock-solid financial security and predictability, and to get your gifts and talents and message in front of the people and businesses who need you now more than ever…

You have to BULLETPROOF your BUSINESS and YOU!!

David Showed Me How To Triple My Business Using A Few Simple Pivots...

“My business was doing $400k a year and then Covid hit. I assumed things were going to slow down. But David showed me how to stay in the expansion. In the last 9 months I generated over $1.4 million dollars virtually and am on pace to start consistently hitting $400k MONTHS!"
- Shameca Tankerson
Business Coach & Consultant
Everything You’ll Learn During Your 7-Day
2022 Bulletproof Business Challenge
JANUARY 10TH - 16TH 2022
“I’ve gotten my MBA. But this is the entrepreneurial PhD every entrepreneur needs to get if they want to truly understand business.”  -- Melisa Bell,The Menopause Coach
Discover Your Spiritual Vision
Monday, January 10th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

Most people confuse their spiritual vision with their mission and purpose but it's MORE than that. It is the single most powerful guiding force that you must be clear on and be consistently connected to if you want to create a bulletproof business and life.

Build an Invincible + Unshakeable Mindset
Tuesday, January 11th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

You’ll be learning the most advanced mindset technologies on the planet, so you can have unwavering confidence and extreme clarity to stay in consistent momentum. Imagine what you’ll accomplish when procrastination, self sabotage, stress, and doubt become a thing of your former self.

Craft Uniquely Powerful Messaging
Wednesday, January 12th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

It’s time to master how to craft messaging that is just as authentic and just as powerful as the work that you do. You’ll create unique messaging that speaks to your ideal, high paying clients and that positions you as a differentiated authority in your space.

Create Irresistible Offers
Thursday, January 13th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

What if 50% of your prospects said YES to working with you? They will when you nail your offers! We’ll dive deep into how to build the right offers that allow you to work with fewer people, providing even more value, and making it even easier to hit your financial goals.

Infuse Your Business With NOW Revenue
Friday, January 14th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

Right now, you have $25k-$250k in new client revenue trapped in your existing network. That’s right. No matter how big or small your network actually is. You’ll discover how to activate that network to generate consistent cash injections in your business over the next 30 to 90 days.

Attract Your Dream Tribe
Saturday, January 15th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

When you surround yourself with other impact-driven entrepreneurs, you create massive energetic connections that keep you fueled, focused and inspired. You’ll learn how to build your tribe (and become a part of ours) so that you have a bulletproof system to support you in overcoming the day-to-day challenges of growing your dream business.

Unleash Your Inner Resources
Sunday, January 16th @ 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

You have an immense amount of inner resources hidden inside of you. Today we’ll unleash them so you can access even higher levels of intelligence, creativity, intuition, and energy so you can attract new ideas, new clients, and new partners to accelerate your business growth in ways you’ve never imagined.

Plus Over $50,000 in Challenge Bonuses and Giveaways including 3 scholarships to our 8-week Business & Mindset Growth Coaching Program
Meet Your 2022 Bulletproof Business Leader
David Bayer is a leading expert on marketing, business strategy, and mindset and has built the #1 fastest growing business and personal development coaching company in America (#171 Inc. 500 fastest growing company list.)

David was recently featured in Success Magazine and Inc. Magazines and was named both “a leading expert on business strategy” and “a leading expert on the next evolution of mindset”. His book Mind Hack has been downloaded over 250,000 times. His business training and videos have been viewed by over one million entrepreneurs. His recent interview on Impact Theory was rated a Top 5 all-time interview on the #1 personal development show on YouTube and top-rated personal growth podcast.

The Powerful Living Experience Live, David’s annual event was named “A Top 3 Must-Attend Personal Development Event For Entrepreneurs” and has impacted the lives of thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs.

David has quickly become the go-to expert on business growth for impact-driven entrepreneurs, teaching them how to create highly profitable and predictable impact-driven businesses so they can reclaim sovereign control over their time, money, and life and ultimately achieve their full potential.
And for over-achievers who want even more access to David and more in-depth trainings, register now and get access to 5 full days of additional FREE Pre-Challenge trainings starting January 3rd and go even deeper on the strategies, marketing and mindset you need to BULLETPROOF yourself and your business in 2022.
You owe it to yourself to make 2022 the year that you reclaim absolute control over your business, your finances, your mindset - and every important aspect of your life.

The world is changing in historic ways - creating more opportunities than ever before. And you deserve to be on the leading edge of that change sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your expertise, and surrounding yourself with other impact-driven entrepreneurs who are not only committed to having it all - but committed to building an even better world . . . TOGETHER.

There are plenty of reasons you can find to hold yourself back for another year. But committing to the 2022 Bulletproof Business Challenge and spending 7 full days working together will give you the tools, the resources, the strategies, the mindset, and the REASONS to move forward powerfully and urgently - because the world needs you NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

The challenge starts January 3rd and within just 7 days you’ll have everything you need to know that, no matter what happens next year, 2022 is going to be the year that you take your business, your life, and yourself to an entirely new level.
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